CBD Oil & Insomnia

Roughly 60 million American suffer from a sleep disorder each year. 

"Sleep is the fuel of life. It's nourishing; it's restorative. And when you are deprived of it, you are really deprived of a basic kind of sustenance." says Gayle Green, author of Insomniac. 

Restful, nourishing sleep is not only essential to getting things done and performing at one's best, it also supports optimal functioning of the immune system, mood stability, improved energy and motivation levels, and enhanced overall well-being.

CBD, also known as cannabidiol, has become a popular alternative to prescription medication. However, there is an abundance of hemp based CBD products today, so finding a reputable brand is key. 

Our guide to CBD & Insomnia is here to help educate our community about the benefits of using CBD oil to help relieve insomnia, and inform our members about how to dose properly and find the right product.

CBD: A powerful insomnia treatment

According to the Mayo Clinic, insomnia can be caused by:

  • caffeine, especially when consumed late in the day
  • anxiety, depression, PTSD
  • excess drinking
  • chronic pain
  • medication
  • loud noises or other environmental factors

CBD can help treat insomnia cause by some of these conditions. Since CBD can help reduce anxiety, pain for instance, it may be helpful in treating insomnia cause by these ailments 

A 2019 study consisting of 72 adults experiencing anxiety and sleep issues found that when given 25mg of CBD each day for a month, 79.2% of them reported lower anxiety level and better sleep. 

A 2015 study on patients with Parkinson's disease found that CBD improved the symptoms of REM sleep behavior disorder (RBD), a disorder in which a person acts out their dreams. RBD is associated with poor sleep and nightmares.

In 2017 a study showed that: CBD may hold promise for REM sleep behavior disorder and excessive daytime sleepiness, while nabilone may reduce nightmares associated with PTSD and may improve sleep among patients with chronic pain.

Pain which may cause sleep issues, can be helped with CBD. Previous studies show that CBD can help alleviate pain and therefore improve your quality of sleep. 

Grogginess, often a side effect of prescription medication and a symptom of insomnia can be alleviated with CBD. More research needs to be done to fully understand how CBD can help with grogginess but early indication shows that CBD helps with focus and clarity of mind.

CBD: What is it? 

CBD, also known as Cannabidiol, is a non-psychoactive compound found in hemp and has significant therapeutic properties. It interacts with our network of neurons called endocannabinoid system.

The endocannabinoid system’s main role is to keep your body in a state of balance. It works with other systems in our body, like our digestive and immune system. It communicates with other systems—via cannabinoid receptors located throughout our central and peripheral nervous systems—to keep our temperature, mood, appetite, inflammation, and more all within a healthy range.

When you take CBD, you boost your body’s own internal endocannabinoid numbers. When something is out of balance, such as an inflamed joint due to arthritis or an injury, this boost helps your endocannabinoid system better treat and relieve the issue.

CBD: How does it help for insomnia?

CBD interacts with our network of neurons called the endocannabinoid system which runs throughout our bodies. There are two types of receptors, CB1 & CB2.
CB1 receptors, which are present throughout our body but mainly our brain, deal with coordination, pain, emotion, mood, appetite and memory. 
CB2 receptors, are common in the immune system and affect pain and inflammation. 

When taking CBD oil for insomnia, it helps treat the underlying cause. By reducing pain, anxiety, CBD can remove the obstacles preventing you from sleeping.

More research is needed to learn more about how and why CBD helps us sleep better.

CBD & Sleep: Dosing for insomnia

The truth is, there is no universally recommended dosage for CBD and to date, there hasn't been any large-scale clinical trials for dosing guidelines. 

However, taking a higher dose than anxiety for instance, will help individuals sleep. You can start by taking 20-30mg a nigh and slowly increase if needed.

For more information on dosing, click here

CBD & Sleep: Best CBD products for insomnia

How you consume CBD will determine how fast in gets into your system and how quickly you feel start to feel the effects.


By vaping CBD, you will generally feel the effects a lot fast than other forms. However there are some health risk associated with vaping and therefore not our recommended method of taking CBD.

Tinctures or Drops

CBD tinctures are fast acting an easy way to take CBD. Most tinctures come with a graded dropper so it's easy to know how much milligrams of CBD you are taking.

Shake the bottle well, and start off with half a dropper under the tongue. Hold for 10-25 seconds and swallow. The cannabinoids will rapidly enter your bloodstream and you will feel the effects within 30 minutes and last up to four hours.


Edibles are a delicious way of consuming CBD. The only drawback to edibles is that it take about 60 minutes to start feeling the effects because  it has to pass through our entire digestive system before its metabolized by the liver. 

CBD: Finding trustworthy brand

 A lot of companies are selling CBD whether online or in a retail space. When buying CBD it's important to first the verified customer reviews for the brand and the product you are considering. This will give you a good indication if you can trust the brand.

It's also important to check where the hemp is coming from as not all hemp is created equal. General, hemp that comes from outside of the U.S. tends to be of lesser quality so we recommend companies that use organic U.S. grown hemp.

Check the labs reports or ask for them from the company you want to buy from. This will give you an indication if the mg of CBD they are advertising on the product is actually in the bottle they are selling. A 10% -15% difference is acceptable. 

To make it easier for our community about finding quality brands and products, we have partnered with BKLYN CBD. They offer premium CBD oil made from organic U.S. Hemp.

To reduce your insomnia we recommend:

We recommend going with Full Spectrum CBD oil, that contains a high amount of CBD. We usually recommend starting low and working your way up.

The Chill Time Drops contains 1800mg of full spectrum CBD oil. Crafted from U.S. grown hemp these CBD drops promote a sense of calmness and is our go-to for taking the edfe off. Shake well. Take the oil sublingually, wait 20 seconds and swallow. One dropper delivers about 60mg of CBD. Take additional droppers for the unwinding effect you desire. 

For very acute sleeping issues, we recommend going with the Down Time Drops
The Down Time Drops are great to unwind from the ups and downs of everyday life. Take it down a notch with this tincture*. Made from organic U.S. grown hemp, our drops contains all of the plant's terpenes and cannabinoids to provide a full spectrum blend.


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